Usable water for Masvingo City left at 2,4% of Lake Mutirikwi

Posted by Maveriq

Masvingo city is at facing a severe water shortage crisis due to the late onset of the rains.  Lake Mutirikwi, which supplies Masvingo is at 7,6% with only 2,4% being usable water, because once water levels drop to less than 5%, council authorities will be forced to shutdown supplies.

Masvingo Mayor Hubert Fidze used social media site Whatsapp to communicate with Masvingo residents and inform them of the alarming development.

Part of the message reads:

Please Masvingo residents, take note that Lake Mutirikwi is now sitting at 7.6%. This means that we are left with only about 2.5% for usage. We shall therefore be forced to commence water rationing at any time soon. Let’s use water wisely.

We are now at a critical situation. In the previous two weeks, the water level was on 9% and if residents don’t save water I am not sure what the situation would be like in the coming fortnight.

As of September 21, 2016, the dam level stood at 11.52% compared to 20.41% of the same period last year. The decline translated to an 8.9 decline. So if the City doesn’t use water wisely, we are doomed.

All I know is that if the water levels drop down to 5%, authorities will have to cut us from the precious liquid. I cannot comment on what the city consumes per day but I believe the engineer will be able to answer that.


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