ZEC is toothless, Makarau concedes

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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(Zec) chairperson Rita Makarau has conceded that Zec is toothless to act on electoral irregularities as it does not have the requisite statutory power to enforce any electoral laws. Makarau , however , said that Zec was working on sprucing up its image despite its shortcomings.

Addressing journalists Makarau said:

Our laws are weak. While Zec is given a mandate to monitor, Zec is not given teeth to bite. We would really love to have teeth to bite and bite painfully. The laws are weak in our view and that is why we are crying for the laws to be strengthened to give us absolute control.

For the media, we have the media monitoring. Like what I said, their role is just to monitor, not to punish.

Zec is having some engagements with these political parties. We are listening and considering their requests.

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