MDC-T MP goes to South Africa for treatment after being teargassed in August

Posted by Tayana

MDC-T MP for Bulawayo East, Thabitha Khumalo, has gone to South African hospitals for treatment of a lung ailment which she contracted when she inhaled teargas during a party demonstration which was broken by police August this year.

Khumalo suffered an asthma attack when she inhaled the choking smoke and was later taken to a Harare hospital for treatment but had to turn to South African hospitals after her condition failed to improve. Speaking to from a Johannesburg hospital, she said she had chemical pneumonia which is caused by toxins,

I have been diagnosed as having chemical pneumonia, which is the inflammation of lung tissue from poisons or toxins. I have been given medication for the next seven days for the doctor to see if I can manage my breathing. If there is no change, I will go for another X-ray and blood tests. Unfortunately the chemicals cannot be removed from my system. I have to wait for my body to flush them out and, apparently, it takes time.

She also vowed that she would return to demonstrations after she gets well.



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