Court officials assaulted by Magaya’s security attempting to attach property

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Officials from the office of the Sheriff of the High Court, who were attempting to attach property belonging to PHD Ministeries, as per court order,  got a rude awakening after they were  thoroughly bashed by Prophet Walter Magaya’s security team.   The court bailiffs were beaten using booted feet, clenched fists, open palms and had to be rescued by the police.

ZRP national spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the issue saying:

We have arrested three men from PHD for assaulting staff from the High Court who had gone to the church attempting to execute a court order

Harare lawyer Arnold Tsunga, whose brother Tonderai was one of the victims of the “unprovoked attack” by the PHD security said:

Tonde was attended to at Harare (Central) Hospital where his treatment included pain killers and injections.

An x-ray was also ordered and it seemed to show no fracture to the bones but injury to soft tissue as a result of being assaulted by blunt objects.

This case shows how the rule of law has really been eroded in Zimbabwe. To have a person that I held in such high esteem as . . . Magaya running a gang of thugs who beat up court officials and innocent civilians really shows a sick mind that feels that they have somehow become above the law.

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