War Veterans demand $500 000 & diplomatic passports

Posted by Tayana

War Veterans are demanding $500 000 each as well as diplomatic passports so they would not be subjected to rigorous checks at border posts.

With an estimated 34 000 registered war veterans remaining in the country, the Government will use $17 billion, which is about five times the country’s 2016 National Budget of $3,6 billion. Zanu PF Secretary for war veterans, Sydney Sekeramayi refused to give in to their demands but promised to consult Mugabe before giving them a response.

ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya yesterday told NewsDay that he was part of the Hunzvi negotiating team, when Mugabe made the undertaking to pay them Z$50 000 in 1997 and then Z$500 000 backdated to 1980.  It is not clear whether the war veterans wanted the equivalent in US dollars since they say Mugabe did not honour the pledge.

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