Mutsvangwa attacks Jonathan Moyo, calls him a war quitter and a thief

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Chris Mutsvngwa, former Minister of War Veterans has resumed his attacks on Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Jonathan Moyo, resuming their seemingly forgotten feud.  Mutsvangwa, called Moyo a liberation war quitter, a thief and sneered at Moyo’s attempts to justify himself in the ongoing ZIMDEF corruption saga.

Adressing youths in Harare on Saturday, Mutsvangwa said:

It is common knowledge that some professors ran away from war. Say I steal chairs in this conference room and when I am apprehended I justify the act saying I need to give them to beggars in Seke. What kind of language is that?

To change property law completely to say those who have exposed me should be arrested, you don’t deny that you steal but justify it and you say I’m a professor and studying law. Which property law allows you to take other people’s property and give others?

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