Mliswa urges opposition parties to take protests to rural constituencies

Posted by Tayana

Temba Mliswa has urged opposition parties to take protests outside of Harare and Bulawayo where police resources are few.

Speaking at a Youth Forum meeting in Harare on Thursday to discuss ZRP’s role in hindering the enjoyment of basic rights, Mliswa said decentralising protests would be more effective,

I want to tell you that they (police) will not be able to control the situation because they have no such resources. I will give you an example of Hurungwe West. There are 12 wards and the police which oversee that area is based at Magunje Growth Point and they have one car. Can you imagine what would happen if there are demonstrations in every ward at the same time?

Mliswa however lamented that Zimbabweans are passive and urged people to participate rather than look at the sidelines.



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