Tsvangirai receives $70 000 for medical bills from Mugabe

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Former prime minister and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who is  battling colon cancer received $70 000 from President Robert Mugabe through the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), to meet his medical bills.  It is understood that the money was apparently collected by his relatives from the government offices.

A source told The Independent that:

When Tsvangirai fell ill a lot of people sympathised with him over the costs of chemotherapy and other medical and travelling costs. The arrangements to help secure US$70 000 were mainly between third parties from Tsvangirai’s side and some senior government officials. After the request was heeded, Tsvangirai’s relatives collected the money.

Tsvangirai himself said:

I cannot confirm that so and so has given me money. I still say that the expenses of my treatment are confidential and I am grateful to whoever has made contributions and continue to make contributions, because this is really expensive and far beyond my capacity to sustain.

… It is an expensive exercise, that is where I think that for other Zimbabweans it’s something that is a sure sign of a death sentence, if you don’t get the help that is necessary and that is timely. It’s something that the state should definitely set as a priority. This issue of cancer is now so prevalent we don’t know whether it’s our food or working conditions.

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