Acie Lumumba blasts profiteering banks

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Founder  and President of Viva Zimbabwe, Acie Lumumba took a swipe at banks in Zimbabwe for neglecting their customers who are now being forced to sleep on the pavement, some with toddlers, in an effort to access their money.

Lumumba released a video, in which he appears to be distraught and “heart broken” at the people’s suffering.  He takes a wipe at the banking sytem and castigates them for neglecting their customers despite being complicit in the cash shortages.

Lumumba says:

The only industry, the only industry in 2016, when it declared its second quarter reports, every single company in that industry made a profit is the banks. Every single company. CABS declared over $5 million of profits in the second quarter of the year asi izvezvi macustomers akarara panze (but right now customers are sleeping outside).

You make profits from charging chembere for mari dzavo (old people for their money). The biggest pension fund in the country is run by CABS which means upenyu hwanambuya nanasekuru huri mumaoko enyu (the lives of old men and women are in your hands), yet you make profits, share them with government, sponsor government agendas, ZANU (PF) particularly) and you won’t even give them tea because they are sleeping outside of your bank, you won’t even give them blankets and worse more you won’t even give them the earn of their sweat [sic]. It’s not right. We can see you and we will deal with you.

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