Harare City Council fined $5 000 polluting the environment

Posted by Tayana

The Harare City Council was taken before the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and fined $5 000 after being found guilty of littering, failing to collect waste on time and discharging toxic waste and pollutants into the environment and water bodies.

Council pleaded guilty to three of the six counts it faced, which included littering and the proliferation of solid waste dumps and failure to collect refuse on time. Butthe local authority denied three other charges, which included discharging toxic waste into the environment and water bodies, failure to license sand and clay abstraction and the issuance of development permits on wetlands.

While handing out the sentence to the local authority, EMA chairperson, Zenzo Nsimbi ordered Harare City Council to immediately improve the management mechanism of the Pomona dumpsite by compacting the site every fortnight as a strategy of managing disease outbreaks.

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