Tazvi Mhaka responds to “wife” & gardener’s sextape

Businessman Tazvi Mhaka has responded to a video believed to be that of his wife and their gardener being intimate. In an instagram post with a collage showing the two women, Mhaka said that the person in the video is not his wife.

Part of the post read,

The social media is abuzz with purported infidelity by my wife, friend and partner of over 15 years. There is nothing further from the truth than this absolute hogwash and filth. Family & friends be at peace…



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6 comments on “Tazvi Mhaka responds to “wife” & gardener’s sextape

  1. zvine basa here kana garden achitamba nevamwe vakadzi.as long as he is not digging his boss’ wife he has the freedom to play

  2. never trust a woman aitwa zvese-zvese mukadzi haangodi mari chete but love ndoyakavinga give her time for love not always concentrating on business forgetting her anonyengwa nagarden boy

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