Fight for gold claim turns nasty, man dies after foot chopped off

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A brutal fight erupted in Filabusi over a gold mining claim, which lead to one man dying after his foot had been chopped off.  Qalisani Moyo, the deceased is alleged to be the ringleader of a gang of gold panners from Esighodhini.  Ironically, Moyo was supposed to appear in court tomorrow,  having only been bailed out a few days ago for assaulting police officers. Moyo is alleged to have lead a gang of gold panners from Esighodhini who had been hired to wrestle control of Mosentase gold claim at HeyHill Farm from some Filabusi panners.


A resettled farmer told the Chronicle that:

Yesterday they phoned that he had dispatched his gang coming here armed with machetes, pangas, shovels, picks, axes and an assortment of other weapons. In the morning, Msongelwa Juba, a member of NWC(Neighbourhood Watch Committee) came to me and we went to investigate and found the body. We discovered that he was not from this area and we concluded that he was a member of the Esigodini gold baron’s gang.


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