Video of Zanu PF Minister’s visit to prophet Bushiri surfaces

Posted by Tayana

A video emerged on Sunday of State Security Minister Kembo Mohadi attending a church service where ‘prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri promises him “the crown” and an end to his financial troubles. It is not immediately clear when the church service was held but Mohadi can be seen nodding and mumbling “I receive, Man of God” as Bushiri tells him that there ‘are many arrows’ being hurled in his direction but none would strike.

The preacher claims that a powerful individual he however, does not name, travelled from his home in Borrowdale to consult witch doctors in Chitungwiza in a bid to bring Mohadi down. The preacher then gives Mohadi a white handkerchief saying; “anytime you see anything happening around you, use that handkerchief to pray.”



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