Pomona landfill on fire

Posted by Maveriq

The Pomona refuse dumpsite, is on fire  since yesterday, posing a major health risk due to the harmful smoke. Its also cause for concern due to the adverse effects it may have on the environment.  The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has condemned the dumpsite saying it was illegal.  According to  the city’s acting corporate communications manager Mr Michael Chideme,  the local authority was in control of the situation to avoid fire spreading.

We have cordoned off the area and we are trying our level best to contain the fire so that it does not continue spreading around.

Reports are that the fire broke out at around 2am earlier today and we suspect that the cause of this fire was excessive heat which can easily have ignited the inferno hence our fire brigades are on site and using water and gravel to put out the fire.


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