Zanu PF youth leader calls for the seizure of all white-owned farms in Midlands province

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ZANU PF youth league secretary Kudzanai Chipanga has called for the seizure of all remaining white-owned farms in Midlands province to resettle ruling party youths.

Addressing party youths in Gweru on Wednesday, Chipanga said,

I understand there are still white farmers present in this province, the sun has set and it is time we part ways with them. These farms should go to our (Zanu PF) youths so that they can be economically empowered. The President (Mugabe) said all the remaining land should go to youths, yet we have some who are involved in distributing land pretending as if they do not understand his (Mugabe) message. Gone are the days when we keep talking that land should be given to youths with some people dilly-dallying. We warn these people that we are coming after you. We should all follow what the President of this country says.

The Zanu PF politburo member also warned senior government officials who own many gold claims, saying that youths should have access to such gold mines. He promised youths that very soon they would get gold claims as well as residential stands to build houses.

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