Minister Chinamasa’s announcement on fake bond notes raises eyebrows on twitter

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The announcement by the Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, that fake bond notes have already been printed has been questioned by a number of users on social networking site Twitter. Users have expressed a wide range of reactions from incredulity to cynicism.   Some of the users are asking how the forgers were able to make the fakes without access to the original bond notes, which are yet to be released.

Alex Magaisa (@waMagaisa) said:

So there is a fake version of a fake currency? Can’t say I’m surprised.  Vultures always go for carion.

WeZhira(@ZishiriJ) said

…Some1 knows what a real bond note looks like otherwise how wud u print it.


While David Coltart(@DavidColtart) adds:

“Counterfeit bond notes printed” says Chinamasa – you couldn’t make this up better if you tried. #farcical


Tenson Masvosve(@tensonmasvosve) had this to say:

Is the minister serious?! how do we have a fake of a non-existent original prototype


Privilege Makuvire(@privilege_mufc)

hw can they be counterfeited when noone knows how they look.  If it’s true then it’s the Ministers who are counterfeiting them.

Shingi Munyeza had this to say,

While Violet Gonda said,

Opposition politician and lawyer, Douglas Mwonzora asked,


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