Karate national champion banned for misconduct

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Tawanda Mufundisi, the Zimbabwe National men’s under 70 kg Karate champion, was banned for 18 months for alleged misconduct after criticizing the decisions made by the judges during the So Kyokushin All-Africa Tournament in August.  Six months were suspended, on condition that he pays a fine of $100 before the end of the year.

Part of the judgement reads:

He has been arrogant through and through and has shown total disrespect for the proceedings, especially having asked for a postponement of the hearing and confirming that he and his lawyer would attend the proceedings as scheduled. He has not shown any sign of being remorseful to anyone and it would appear that he is actually on a warpath with the ZKU.

This is further buttressed by the fact that Mufundisi is no stranger to disciplinary hearings. This is the second time within 24 months that he has been dragged before a hearing. This goes to show that he is a habitual offender, who has absolutely no respect for authority. The penalty imposed must act as a deterrent, not only to the respondent, but also would-be offenders, to ensure that they do not commit similar offences(sic) in the future.


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