Ben Mahaka aka Tom Mbambo expresses frustrations over bond notes & Zimbabwe. Asks how long Zimbabweans will remain quiet

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Zimbabwean actor, director and producer, Ben Mahaka who is popularly known for playing the character Tom Mbambo in the local soapie, Studio 263 has taken to Facebook to express his frustrations over the bond notes and the situation in the country.

In a lengthy Facebook post Mahaka speaks on a number of issues such as Government’s policy on farming or lack of it thereof and the current cash crisis. He says the introduction of the bond notes is reminiscent of the 2008 era,

During the Gono era, someone at the Reserve Bank with access to currency at the official rate could easily convert $3,000 worth of bearer cheques to $160,000. Imagine a Mercedes Benz Brabus for ex-Japan Corolla money, while the rest of us were forced to line up to exchange hard currency for worthless paper. And remember our good governor took every opportunity to remind us how the printing presses were working overtime for the national good. For us.

Today they want to do it all over again. The new governor of the Reserve Bank assures us that bond notes are going to miraculously stem the illicit flow of money from state coffers and businesses are going to miraculously convince the rest of the world that this paper is just as good as the United State dollar and our problems are going to miraculously disappear. Apparently seasoned business leaders don’t know what they’re talking about when they object to this hocus pocus economics. Agents of Western governments bent on destabilizing our great nation.

The veteran actor goes on to question what the point of going to war was if the same system that was fought still exists albeit a different skin colour. He ends his post by asking how long Zimbabweans will remain quiet,

How long will we be quiet and afraid?

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