Crocodile attacks Australian tourists at swimming pool near Lake Kariba

Posted by Maveriq

A 41 second CCTV video that has already garnered more than 900 000 views on YouTube, shows a huge 2m long crocodile creep into a swimming pool and attempt to attack two tourists, in what is purported to be Kariba. The male tourist leapt out of the pool  leaving his female companion to fend for herself.  The crocodile then turned on the woman, and went for her arm, just as she was about to reach the edge of the pool.  Miraculously she escaped with a few cuts after being aided by another male friend who had been inside when the attack started.

Sebastian Smyth the male friend who rushed to the rescue had this to say:

I just did what came naturally to me, and I’m sure any man would have done the same thing.

Crocs are known to be put off if spooked by an attack.



Image Credit:  Perth Now Website



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