Jonathan Moyo releases song for late daughter Zanele

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Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has paid tribute to his late daughter, Zanele Naledi, in a touching song released on Sunday through the politician’s Twitter account. In the song titled Tribute to Zanele Naledi Moyo, the minister rearranged the track from the old gospel classic, Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow You.


Moyo told NewsDay in a follow-up interview that it was a year since Zanele’s death. A second-year student at the University of Cape Town, she was found dead in her Rosebank apartment on October 23 last year.

Moyo said the song had been in his spirit for a long time,

I started specifically working on the song on Thursday and its recording and production was done on Friday evening with Gus Smyth, Jairos Hambahamba and Beast. So all told, it was really a 24-hour operation, but of course it is also true that the song was in my spirit, having lived within me since October 23, 2015 when I sang the original or classical version of Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow You at the burial of my angel daughter, Zanele.

The song is available on YouTube, with a collage of Zanele’s pictures making up the video.

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