Chiyangwa tells Zanu PF politicians to get the hell out of the way

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In a short video that has since gone viral, businessman and Zimbabwe Football Association President, Phillip Chiyangwa demanded that political leaders should not put barriers in front of those trying to get the economy running and make money.

In the video he says,

Please, they must get the hell out of our way. We need space and we need people who are able to embrace change, who accept that I can be able to become a multi-millionaire without them. This country has so many smart people, (but) where is Mthuli Ncube, located somewhere in the Netherlands … big brains. Where is Nkosana Moyo or even Arthur Mutambara? We cannot have Strive Masiyiwa (Econet Wireless founder) stay way out of here because the moment he is here, they start cooking up charges of externalisation.

Contacted for comment by NewsDay, Chiyangwa confirmed the video and indicated it was a shorter version of a longer presentation he had given,

Wait for the full video, the producers are working on it. That is only part of what I actually said.


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