Chinotimba condemns bid to protect Kasukuwere in Parliament

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On Tuesday, Joseph Chinotimba spoke on what legislators saw as an attempt by acting Speaker Mabel Chinomona and the Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda to block presentation of a report on the Marange-Zimunya Community Share Ownership Trust that called for the arrest of Saviour Kasukuwere.

He said,

In countries like South Africa, people like Zuma are having to account for the corrupt activities they did. We, as Zanu PF … are not supposed to protect a person engaged in corruption from being brought to book.  A person should face the consequences of his actions. The men and women who fought in the liberation struggle did not go to war so that one person could benefit. We asked the Leader of the House on what the policy says concerning corruption and he said that no one is above the law. So, if no one is above the law, then let those corrupt people be brought to book and speak for themselves. What we do not want when we leave this august House is to be accused of protecting our people. If Chinotimba has been corrupt, then let the nation know that Chinotimba is corrupt. Even the army also noted yesterday that corruption is now a cancer and we want those people engaged in corruption to be brought to book

Responding, Chinomona said no one was being protected.



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