Journalist responds to Chipanga’s claims that State media is to blame for Zanu PF’s loss in Norton

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Zimpapers journalist Tichaona Zindoga has responded to Kudzai Chipanga’s comments following the loss of Zanu-PF’s candidate Ronald Chindedza to independent candidate Temba Mliswa in the Norton by-election over the weekend. The ruling party’s youth leader, Kudzai Chipanga is alleged to have said: “Finally, the State media has won”, implying that the story on Moyo’s and Kasukuwere’s corrupt activities, published by State media had contributed to Zanu PF’s loss in the constituency.

In the article titled “Stop seeing shadows, Cde Chipanga”, Zindoga argues that State media did not have monopoly over the stories, and everyone was talking about them including on social media. He writes that Chipanga should let journalists do their work,

After all is said and done, politicians should leave journalists to do their work — most of whom are sufficiently tired of senseless petty fights internal to parties — and engage on nation building and bringing food on people’s tables. Which we bet the people of Norton want. Chipanga, an otherwise likeable young man with a presumably promising future, should better take this to heart and desist from, or be goaded by narrow minded and vindictive individuals into picking unnecessary fights with institutions that are otherwise full of extreme goodwill for both the country and the revolutionary party, Zanu-PF. He should stop seeing shadows. There are none.

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