Mushohwe says Zimbabwe can survive without American or British aid

Posted by Tayana

Information minister, Christopher Mushohwe, believes Zimbabwe can still survive without American or British aid as she has never asked for help from those countries.

In an interview with on Monday, Mushohwe said,

We have never asked for their aid. Zimbabwe is not in a sorry state. These Americans who want to meddle in our politics were never there when we fought our wars and we will never bow our heads to them.

The Minister claimed that President Robert Mugabe is an enemy of the West because he is both frank and principled. He said,

Do not sensationalize or politicize these issues. President Mugabe is not a friend of Americans and the British because of his principles. He stands up for the wishes of his people.

His comments come at a time when more than 4.1 million Zimbabweans are being fed by UN and western agencies and to date more than $300 million has been mobilized for food aid this year alone. The government has been accused of distributing food aid on party lines.



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