Five things you probably did not know about Paul Mwazha

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Today is Paul Mwazha’s birthday. To celebrate his special day, here are five things you probably did not know about the religious leader;

  1. He shares a birthday with musician Victor Kunonga who was born on 25 October 1974 in Shurugwi.
  2. Before he was baptised to Paul by Father Schimidt of the Roman Catholic Church, he was initially named Mamvura, a name which means “Child of the Water” in the Shona language.
  3. In 1941 Mwazha became at teacher at Gweshe School and between 1948 and 1951, Mwazha was headmaster atChideme School in Charter District, now Chivhu.
  4. He formed the African Apostolic Church in 1959 after serving in the Roman Catholic Church since childhood.
  5. Paul Mwazha won a Beit Trust Scholarship in 1938 which was worth $11.

You can read his full profile here.


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