Mutsvangwa declares Zanu PF will lose 2018 elections if it continues relying on Kasukuwere and G40 to lead its campaigns

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NewsDay reports that former War Veterans Minister and Norton MP, Christopher Mutsvangwa said Zanu PF would lose the forthcoming elections if it continues relying on Saviour Kasukuwere and the G40 faction to lead its campaigns. Mutsvangwa, who was expelled from Zanu PF and Parliament for alleged indiscipline, also blamed Kasukuwere’s “arrogance” for contributing to the ruling party’s defeat.

He also congratulated the people of Norton for voting for Temba Mliswa and not Zanu PF,

Tyson is the devil’s gift, the black magic spell that will sink all those in the Zanu PF revolutionary party that embraced and promoted an evil agenda of unbridled avarice, maniacal kleptocracy and shameless attempt at power grab. He can now lick his wounds after the no-nonsense and plucky Norton electorate gave him the boot. Thank you Norton voters from the land of the brave, the home of Chimurenga I of 1896. Norton by-election is a game changer that dispenses with the mahumbwe (child’s play) type depredations of the petty, parochial, corrupt and thieving G40 of Jonso (Jonathan Moyo), Kasukuwere, (Patrick) Zhuwao and Mphoko.

The Norton by-election was won by independent, Temba Mliswa who garnered 8 927 votes against Ronald Chindedza’s 6 192 votes, while David Choga of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) came a distant third, with 89 votes.

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