Pius Ncube says he doesn’t hate Mugabe. Refuses to speak on sex scandal

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Former Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Bulawayo Pius Ncube who is known for criticising Government in the past denied that he was anti-President as is often reported.

In an interview the Sunday Mail, Ncube said,

It is not about being anti-President Mugabe or pro-Mugabe but it is about seeing to it that people’s expectations have been fulfilled. Zimbabwe is a rich country, we have all the minerals in the world, except maybe for oil, but to see our people suffering like they are, is wrong. Mugabe is a fellow human being like me and we can expect him to make mistakes, just like any other human being.

Asked about the sex scandal which led to his resignation in 2007, Archbishop Emeritus Ncube said he would speak at the opportune time. He said,

I cannot say much at this time, because some of the stuff might affect some Catholics but the Government took it up and blew it out of proportion. Lots of statements, which were highly political, were made. So I shall let it lie. Probably after some time, say two or three years from now, I might sit down and write my memoirs, my version of what happened. Not just now. If I speak now I might injure some people. It appears it was never clear what happened.

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