Five things you probably did not know about Mai Chisamba

Posted by Tayana

Today is Rebecca Chisamba’s 64th birthday. We have listed five things you probably did not know about the host of Zimbabwe’s popular TV show Mai Chisamba Show.

  1. She was born Rebecca Tsikirayi in Bindura on 21 October 1952 in a family of seven.
  2. Before she was a talk show host she was a radio teacher
  3. The Mai Chisamba Show used to be known as Today’s Woman/Mudzimai Wanhasi
  4. Mai Chisamba has won numerous awards such as the Zimbabwe Communicator of the year award (2003), Best Television Woman Presenter in (2007) and Best Television Presenter (2008 Njama Awards)
  5. She is a fan of Zimdancehall artist Tocky Vibes

You can read her full profile here


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