Zimra to embark on lifestyle audits of its officers amid reports that govt is losing millions through corruption

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) is set to embark on a lifestyle audit of its staffers, amid revelations that the government was losing millions of dollars through corruption.

In a statement accompanying Zimra’s third quarter report for 2016, board chairperson, Willia Bonyongwe said corruption by the authority’s workers was costing the government money and lifestyle audits would be carried out to flush out corrupt staffers. She said,

The authority embarked on extensive lifestyle audits on selected individuals in an effort to evaluate their compliance. Debt follow-ups are being vigorously pursued. During the next quarter, lifestyle audits will be focused on Zimra officers. Corruption by Zimra officers is costing government a lot of money and it is expected that regular staff audits and other measures to combat corruption will see this revenue head and others improving, other things remaining equal. But it takes two to tango and the public is also expected not to entice officers into corrupt activities. Many, who have cut deals with Zimra officers, have had to pay the authority what they were supposed to pay then, plus penalties and interest.

Zimra said the country was losing $1 billion to smuggled goods, which could be potential revenue channelled through the formal system. It said its anti-corruption hotline had unearthed several cases of corruption that yielded potential revenue of more than $23m.

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