Mzembi urges Zimbabweans to avoid violence as it scares away tourists. Says only voting determines who leads the country, not violence

Addressing a Press conference in Harare last week, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Dr Walter Mzembi urged Zimbabweans to desist from violence as such behaviour scares away tourists. Mzembi said,

The thing that hit Zimbabwe was the invented conflict on our streets. I call it invented because it falls into insignificance when we look at the definition of conflict in the world. People burn a few tyres, put stones in the streets and BBC is on point capturing this imagery which they run for weeks creating an impression of an unsafe and insecure destination which drives away tourists.

Mzembi said only voting determines who leads the country and not violence.

It starts with us the civil society understanding that the theatre of change as we agreed in 1980 is the ballot box. Why destroy property to create an impression of a destination under siege? The police’s inordinate response exacerbates that situation. In the end the ultimate answer becomes dialogue. It does not matter how attractive your country is, you may have the best tourist attractions in the world but if they are situated in conflict no one can go there.

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