Minister warns journalists against writing about Gukurahundi

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War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube has warned journalists against stories that can invoke memories of Gukurahundi as this could result in ethnic clashes.

Addressing members of the Bulawayo Press Club Friday night, Dube took issue with the publication of a story about the proposed reburial of higher education minister Jonathan Moyo’s father who was killed during the mass killings. He said,

If you imagine someone digging his own grave and covering himself inside that is a sensational story. If Jonathan’s family decide to re-bury their father, let it be and you (journalists) can put it that it happened during the teething period of our country. Every country has got its own teething problems.

He went on to say that he does not condone Gukurahundi,

I will be the last person to condone what happened because you do not know how much I worked trying to stop that in my own capacity. I have often read about a story of a pregnant woman who was said to have been pierced by a bayonet. When you want to bring up that history you are no doing anybody any good. It makes you feel bad which leads people to ask many questions which they will not be able to answer.

Dube was made a minister following the firing of Chris Mutsvangwa early this year.



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