Adv Fadzayi Mahere reminds Jonathan Moyo of his “Carry your cross” principle

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Activist advocate Fadzayi Mahere yesterday reminded Jonathan Moyo of words he used in April 2014 when he said Zanu-PF party members needed to carry their own crosses and not expect their affiliation to a party to protect them. Mahere tweeted the article to Jonathan Moyo asking asserting “please carry your cross”. Back in April 2014 Jonathan Moyo said:

This is the ultimate corrupt act to say you abuse public funds, you are caught with your hands in the till, it is published and then you say it is destroying the party.

That is the worst expression of corruption. You want us to keep quiet under the pretext that what you did that is unlawful was for your party and that if it comes out — just because you belong to that political party — you will go down with the political party. That doesn’t make sense.

That is a primitive understanding of things. It is you and you alone, carry your cross. It has nothing to do with the party.

Moyo is accused of corrupt conduct in the abuse of Zimbabwe Manpower Development Funds (Zimdef). He has admitted the abuse of funds but has said that those exposing him are tribalists fighting a faction war in Zanu-PF. Vice President Mphoko has also said that the attempt to arrest were malicious and could be compared to “mutiny”.

Mahere Tweeted:

Moyo didn’t respond to the article in the tweet, resorting instead to insulting Mahere:


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