Joice Mujuru reveals reason for staying in Zanu PF despite husband’s mysterious death

Posted by Tayana

Former vice president and Zimbabwe People First leader, Joice Mujuru revealed the reason why she stayed in Zanu PF despite her husband’s mysterious death. Mujuru also said prepared to compensate Zimbabwean White farmer Guy Watson Smith for his losses.

Mujuru made the revelations while being interviewed by Violet Gonda, a Zimbabwean journalist based in the United Kingdom who hosts the show Hot Seat.

Asked why, if it was so bad, she stayed so long in her position as vice president the ZimPF leader said,

It was respect. When I joined I was a young girl. I grew up looking up to these people.

She added that working with Mugabe was,

hard … he is a headmaster. And you know what a headmaster does? He does his things by a whip.

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