Chiyangwa obtains court order against freelance photographer who claims Zifa owes him $30 000

Posted by Tayana

ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa has obtained a court order barring freelance photographer Lazarus Riva from troubling the football governing association over claims that he is owed more than $30 000 for services rendered to the soccer mother body.

Riva has over the last year been trying to attach ZIFA property on claims that the association owed him large sums of money for allegedly taking photographs at the association’s official functions. ZIFA have been disputing the said debt, arguing that Riva was neither their official photographer nor did he submit pictures worth over $30 000 to the association.

Recently Riva tried to raid Chiyangwa’s business premises to attach property on the basis that the Harare businessman is the ZIFA president. Chiyangwa yesterday responded by securing a peace order against Riva and immediately slapped the freelance photographer with a $2,7 million suit.

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