Stunner dismisses cheating rumours

Posted by Tayana

Rapper Desmond Chideme better known as Stunner has responded to pictures that recently circulated on social media alleging that he has a girlfriend. Stunner had pictures taken with one Facebook follower Lollychick Wenyasha who then posted them on the social networking site before they were merged with one user captioning the collage “Hide id ko Stunner akabva kuroora akutohura”. Stunner took to instagram and said,

My fellow rappers paye paunonzi wave Zimbabwean celebrity that’s when u get a pic taken with one of your promoters or fan and these lonely single mvanaz make a collage and they send into these female groups vachiti please hide ID and post Stunner with a girlfriend. I love my life and lolly, thank u guys so much Dubai was a blast, let’s do it again soon

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