Alexio In US For Collaborations

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Zimbabwean musician Alexio Kawara is in the United States where he is working on a collaboration  with American singer Wil Seabrook.

Although his main reason for travelling to the US was for “Rock For Human Rights” concert where he performed alongside Rizza Islam, Fred Shaw and Ventage, Kawara also found the opportunity to work with Seabrook for a duet and is considering other collaborations.

Speaking to The Herald Kawara mentioned the title of the song,

The song is called “Candle” and it is an alternative rock sound. The song is being produced and engineered by Cassidy Turbin, a Grammy award-winning engineer from Los Angeles and we are also working on a video for it at the same time. It is about being there for each other to put it generally.

Kawara also said that he will be releasing a new single “Hatidzokere” in October

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