Zanu-PF Youths Masquerade as Vendors, Terrorise People in Harare

Posted by Onesimo

NewsDay reports that Zanu-PF youths, masquerading as disgruntled vendors, unleashed a reign of terror against ordinary people and shops — looting and damaging property, as they engaged in, on the face of it, running battles with the police.

Tajamuka activist Promise Mkwananzi claimed the group was sponsored to cause chaos so that the police could wantonly arrest opposition activists:

We did not organise any demonstration today (yesterday). We are not a violent people like what we have seen being perpetrated by those hired Zanu PF goons, who were stoning our parents without shame. It is unfortunate that Zanu PF has become clueless to the extent of demonstrating against itself so that they can arrest our members. Shame on them

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