Harare City Council proposing underground bins which cost $328 000

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Harare City Council (HCC) director of works Phillip Pfukwa has said the council is proposing a $328 000 underground bin project to improve the city’s outlook. This comes after HCC has struggled to collect refuse across the city. Once the Memorandum of Agreement has been set, the underground bin project will be done in partnership with local company Probin. The project is expected to last five years. Said Pfukwa,

The total cost of the bin and installation was $400 per unit and the proposal was to install 1 800 bins in the Central Business District.

The whole project would cost $328 000 and Probin said they had the capacity to install more bins if needed.

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About Harare City Council

The Harare City Council is an administrative body tasked with providing services for residence of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. Among other duties, the council is responsible for providing clean drinking water, housing and accomodation, refuse collection facilities and health services. Read More

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