Govt orders millers to get maize directly from GMB

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Responding to questions in Senate last week, Agriculture Minister Joseph Made said that Government has ordered millers to get their maize from the Grain Marketing Board and pay directly to Treasury as a means to curb corruption in the buying of maize.

Said Made:

In the past millers used to buy from farmers, but this season we said they cannot do that and they must get their maize from GMB, but they have to pay directly to Treasury. However, we know that some GMB workers are turning back maize saying it has failed the 12,5% moisture content test, but if a farmer suspects that it is connected to corruption they must immediately report the issue to the police.

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The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is a state owned commodity trading enterprise that deals in cereals and oil seeds, the provision of logistic services to the agricultural industry as well as processing of products. The board's main objective is to ensure national food security through production, procurement and management of serials. GMB is often crippled with a myriad of problem ranging from failure to pay workers and alleged corruption. The board's mandate was seriously undermined in 2014 when it encouraged farmers to sell their grain to private buyers since the board was cash strapped. Read More

Dr. Joseph Mtakwese Made (born 21 November 1954) is a Zimbabwean politician and Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) member who is currently serving as Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development. He has served as the minister in ministries related to agriculture since 2000. Made is mostly known to have led the ministry in a decade of inadequate harvest from Zimbabwe's agriculture. Read More

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