We can cause private media to collapse: Minister Mushowe warns media

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Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Christopher Mushohwe har warned the private media that it faces collapse if it keeps being b o critical of government programmes. According to Mushowe, the private media is only surviving due to the benevolence of President Mugabe and his government.

Speaking at the official launch of AB Communications’ 98.4 Midlands FM regional station in Gweru, Mushowe said:

I have tried all the means to accommodate all the media houses. We are all in the media sector. I have been on record saying that media houses should play a role in building our nation

Let’s not play these political games. Don’t push me against the walls. You know private newspapers are surviving under the consideration of President Robert Mugabe. Do you know we can simply say that no Zanu PF supporters should buy your newspaper and that no (State) institution or parastatal will place an advert [in private newspapers]. You will simply collapse.

In the same vein, I would want to caution our friends in the media — both electronic and print — that while it is a right, it is not a licence to propagate hate speech and spreading unsubstantiated and malicious stories about our country

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About Christopher Mushohwe

Christopher Chindeti Mushohwe is a cabinet minister who leads the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services. He was previously the Minister of Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment before being reassigned to his current position in September 2015. He is a member of Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). He is also a member of ZANU PF party' s central committee, Director of the Presidential Scholarship Program and also party's representative for Mutare west constituency in Manicaland province. Read More

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