Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims walk out halfway through Mugabe’s speech after he fails to address their request for irrigation land

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Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims walked out halfway through President Robert Mugabe’s speech after he said their request for irrigation plots near the dam would only be considered later.

One of the victims that spoke to NewsDay said:

We were expecting that the President would address our plight and how we were going to benefit from the dam, but instead he just made a passing statement that our issue would be addressed later.

The victims of the Tokwe-Mukosi flood said they were also angry that they were made to wait at the site for more than six hours on empty stomachs, only to be told in the evening that the prepared food was reserved for top government officials only. They also accused the government of seeking to pacify them by releasing their compensation money a few days before the official opening of the dam.

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