Kombayi’s son responds to Chivamba’s provincial hero’s status despite the serious crime he committed

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The late former Gweru mayor, Patrick Kombayi’s son Hamutendi yesterday told NewsDay that his family was bitter that President Robert Mugabe decided to pardon Kizito Chivamba who shot his father and even honoured him a hero despite the “serious crime that they committed”.

Said Hamutendi:

As a family, we say may his (Chivamba’s) soul rest in peace, but it still hurts us that our late father had to suffer till death from injuries sustained from the shootings orchestrated by the same people, who continued to be rewarded within the Zanu PF rank and file.

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Patrick Kombayi was a politician who is said to have played a critical role in aiding the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army's (ZANLA) guerrillas during the Second Chimurenga. He was born on 2 November 1938 and he died on 20 June 2009. He was a prominent businessman during the liberation struggle and his club in Kafue in Lusaka, Zambia was used as a transit place by the ZANLA guerrillas. He was one of the first few African train drivers in the then Rhodesia present day (Zimbabwe). He was once a former mayor of Gweru, served as a Member of Parliament for Gweru-Chirumhanzi. He later defected from the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) to join the Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM), a political party which was formed by Edgar Tekere who was also an ex-ZANU PF senior member. He was controversially shot in 1990 and it was reported that he was shot by Simon Muzenda's (late vice first vice president of Zimbabwe) bodyguards who were pardoned by Robert Mugabe though they were found guilty. He was a staunch member of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and was aligned to Morgan Tsvangirai's faction until the time of his death. Read More

Kizito Chivamba was a Zimbabwan politician who hailed from the ZANU-PF party. He was elected into parliament in July 2013 to represent Chiwundura Constituency. Read More

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