Fuel Prices have gone up, silently

Posted by Maveriq

Fuel prices have gone up by a $0,05 (5 cents) margin this week.  Pindula first noticed this when we had to pay $1.37 for a litre of petrol at a Puma Service Station.  Initially, we thought that maybe this was just at that service station only.  However, we did a survey and it is as we suspected.  The price of petrol is between $1.36 and $1.38 meaning it has gone up by approximately  $0,05 at all the service stations that we checked. This is an increase of 3.8 percent.

This is mildly surprising because we did not hear any announcement from the relevant authorities such as ZERA of the Ministry of Energy.  We hope that this was an oversight on their part and not a deliberate move.  After the huge increase in mobile data from Econet Wireless, now comes this.  We hope it is not an omen of things to come.


UPDATE 14 January 2017

Econet reduced its tariffs and the Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira ordered a suspension of all tariff increases.



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